Easy to use

  • Implements Time & Attendance in hours
  • All you need to setup is your shift patterns
  • A step by step guide helps you to configure the system to your specific requirements

Manage Shift Plans

You can handle simple 9 to 5 shifts, through to complex multi rotating shift patterns using the Time and Attendance Module and we have dedicated help available to assist you during setup.

Quickly Improve Attendance

Accurate real time data will tell you who is in, who is out and provide detailed attendance information. It can also help your managers to spot attendance issues and deal with them before they become a problem for your business.

Produce a Payroll Extract

One handy report provides all the information payroll need from standard pay rates to overtime and weekend rates. This information can be configured and tracked through the Time and Attendance Module.

Easy to Manage

You can allow employees to optionally request adjustments to their clock in and clock out records while providing the line managers with the access to approve or reject those requests.