Identifying Training Needs

Training Manager has the ability to track the individual’s learning and development, including participation in single training events, multiple training events and learning, which is not event related (e.g. online learning, reading), ongoing development interventions and consultancy interventions.

You may hold a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) profile against an individual which highlights the training courses an individual who holds a job role needs to complete, these can be added automatically using the employees post or added manually. An employee can have multiple TNA profiles added and the system will automatically check for duplicate courses.

Managing Training Courses

Using Training Manager you can create standard courses and ad-hoc courses, keep records of trainers and training providers including contact details, events they have run for you and costs.

Be Reminded of Key Tasks

Training Manager incorporates workflow that provides pre and post reminders. These can include any task including logistical matters. These reminders can be course or delegate specific.