Through our Support Helpdesk you will also have access to comprehensive online information including guides for getting started, tutorial videos, manuals or our own help. We can help you with data transfer, on site or remote training, project management and as always, continuous support.

Getting Started

We have made the process of planning, selecting, implementing and using the wide range of Croner Simply Personnel’s HR software modules as simple as possible. Right from the start we help you make sure your requirements and needs are completely understood and even mapped out in the system.

We create a project plan for you, give you templates that help you map your existing data into Croner Simply Personnel HR software, assist your IT team with implementation process and then we make sure you are trained to use the system. You can use self paced tutorials, online training or have a trainer visit you when it comes to training on the system.

Onsite courses

For over 10 years our training methods have proven themselves. Our own training consultants conduct and develop the courses which are regularly refined from the feedback received by our clients. We use a flexible approach and a professional Croner Simply Personnel trainer will be available to discuss any requirements you may have and to propose a tailored plan created from our training options.

The onsite training provides personal coaching sessions for up to six people. In our experience we have found that when a delegate is in training and works with their own data in their own work environment they find it easier to relate to rather than a training session that is based solely on fake work or records. This means the accuracy and effectiveness of the reports that have been generated can be immediately checked based on real-life criteria. Where possible we do encourage using real data in our courses however we understand that confidentiality demands can rule this out. In cases like that we can give data that is realistically simulated and is actually the normal procedure for all of our refresher training courses. However, please take into consideration that our training team would be happy to consider a Non Disclosure Agreement prior to training taking place so that you can get the most out of the training session.

If you choose to do so, you can influence the course’s structure. So instead of the conventional product tour, which addresses each data screen, we can work on whatever training priorities you have. We will give you a list of topics and you can choose which areas are of most concern to you.

Online training

If you want an alternative to onsite training we offer a remote training service. Remote training gives you the opportunity to take in your training in smaller steps delivered over the internet. This is very helpful and convenient if you are not able to spend a full day in an onsite training.

We use GoToAssist and GlobalMeet for our online training so it is simple to set up and they let you see our trainer’s computer while you speak with a speaker phone or similar method.

Remote training is an effective way to train and is easy to setup, it is more cost effective than our onsite training and helps us do our part in cutting down on travelling to help the environment.

To discuss your training needs in further details please call us on 0844 693 1247 opt 3 or email

Calls cost 7p per minute plus your telephone company’s access charge